The life of… Daniel H

The life of… Daniel H

January 12th, 2017: I’m sitting on my bed wondering how I’m gonna get to the orthopedic to pick up my refill prescription for Percocets. Without them, my broken foot is an ongoing pain that I’d rather not deal with. It’s been a week since my accident, and I’m beginning to wonder why life has dealt me such a card. The new year has not been good to me at all.

My entire life changed the moment my motorcycle slid on the loose gravel scattered on the road, sending my body crashing into the ground. My helmet and jacket protected my upper body, but the bike crushed my foot and fractured my knee. I ended up in the hospital with this sick feeling in my stomach as I knew I’d be out of work for a while, and I didn’t have health insurance to cover the medical costs.

Yes, I know. I should’ve had insurance and all that, but I can’t change the past. I can only prepare for the future. So, as I lay here planning my commute to my primary care physician, I plan for the storm that’ll surround my life over the next 12 months. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I had goals: Fitness goal, financial goals, relationship goals, etc. Now this accident makes me feel like I’m back at square one. I’m turning 30 this year. I can’t afford to be at square one.

This year is riddled with new experiences and sudden change. Not only will I be transferring to ASU from community college, but I expect to win joint custody of my daughter soon as well. I started a new job a couple weeks ago, and plan to lose 30 pounds before my 30th birthday in June. I was planning on alleviating my credit card debt and buying a home this year, but that might have to wait in light of the medical bills that are sure to add up to tens of thousands of dollars. It will be an interesting year, indeed.

My goals will have to change to fit my current circumstance. Every aspect of my life must now be altered to accommodate a broken foot for the next 3 months. I’ll admit, changing my goals is not easy to do when you’re a full-time student, working two jobs, living alone, and pursuing joint custody of your daughter. There’s a lot on my plate, but I know I can do this if I take it one day at a time. Plan and execute. Sounds simple enough.





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