“You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails”

“You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails”

I was finally able to sleep last night after getting my refill prescription for Percocets from my doctor. Changing the bandages on my leg and foot was a nightmare since they stuck to the open wounds. I’ll spare you any graphic images, but my leg looks like something out of The Walking Dead. 

I’ve had to get used to a lot of things lately. For one, I had to get used to having one leg to stand on, which makes taking a piss nearly impossible. I had to get used to taking much longer to get things done. Getting around the house is not easy anymore, and going downstairs from my 3-story apartment is out of the question without someone close by. I had to get used to someone else getting my groceries, and sitting in the passenger seat of my own car.

I’ve gotten used to finding new ways to get things done. A broken foot does not give me a timeout from life. I still have school, work, bills, my health, and my daughter to worry about. The question is not “can I do this?” but “how will I do this?”. For starters, I had to drop my classes for the spring and opt out for online courses. That wasn’t too hard.  I can cover the bills with the remainder of my emergency fund. I don’t even wanna think about the hospital bills I’ll have to pay out of pocket. That’ll likely set me back tens of thousands of dollars. I enrolled in a health insurance plan, but I won’t get coverage until the 1st of February. Better late than never, I suppose. Pretty easy so far.


Working will be a bit of a struggle, since I work as a server at two restaurants while I get through school. Carrying a tray in crutches is out of the question, so maybe I can host for a couple of hours to get some money coming in. It won’t be anywhere close to what I make serving, but it’s something. I can work extra when I’m back on two feet to get caught up on my debt.

I should spend this time out of work with my daughter to strengthen our bond. At 5 years old, I know that her current experiences will largely shape her future. I should spend more time involved in her interests rather than just buying whatever toy she asks for. I just recently looked at a Shopkin up close for the first time, and was fascinated at the cute little faces on these inanimate objects. These are the things that make my daughter happy, and I need to be more involved in the things that make her happy.


Adjusting your sails to the changing wind is not easy, but it’s necessary to stay the course. This next few months is but a fraction of my 5-year plan, so it is critical that I weather through this storm the best way I can. Maybe this year is not going how I planned, but a little change never hurt anyone, did it?


Until next time, stay focused.


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