Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing

I was going through my music playlist and stumbled on an old favorite. I have many favorites from great artists like The Eagles, The Beatles, Aerosmith, etc. but this particular song got me thinking when I listened to the lyrics.

This song “Money For Nothing” by The Dire Straits focuses on the fascination our society has for talented individuals. We idolize celebrities, pop stars, and sports figures for their ability to entertain us. We don’t pay much attention to the everyday heroes in our lives and instead look up to the superheroes on the big screen.

So many people talk about celebrities like Kim Kardashian and how much they despise her. They say this, yet know more about her than they do of themselves. Deep in our gut we want to hate these people, but we can’t help but crave their talent. I can’t explain it, but I recognize the opportunity.

The most popular people in this world are those that bring something to the table. They entertain us or make us feel good about ourselves. The most charismatic people have a great sense of humor and make us laugh. Being likeable isn’t rocket science. It’s practice, just like anything else. If I worked on being more charismatic, it would help improve my life and the lives of those around me. I want to learn how to play the guitar. I feel like I would do well in playing the guitar, and would love to express myself through song and music. That would also be a hell of a talking point, not to mention an attention-grabber from the ladies. Let’s add that to list of things to do this year and see if I haven’t overwhelmed myself yet.


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