The night of my motorcycle accident

I going to see the orthopedic today. I look forward to hearing some good news from the doctor, but I don’t know what to expect. I’ll have to drive myself to my appointments, which make me nervous since I’m still on crutches. Until today, I haven’t thought about the night of my accident.

I remember trying to decide between going to the store or riding my motorcycle. I hadn’t ridden in about two weeks so I geared up and hopped on the bike.  It was midnight and I was riding down a street that was going through construction. There was almost no traffic, and there weren’t any lights to illuminate the road. I was going the speed limit, I think, but it wasn’t until I decided to do a U-turn that shit hit the fan.

To be honest, I went for the turn but didn’t realize what happened until I felt my helmet slam against the ground. My bike was laying on top of my leg, and wasn’t budging no matter how hard I pushed it. I was finally able to get it off my leg, and made it on two feet. It took a while to get it going again and somehow made the drive back home, about 15 miles. My foot was soaked, and I was hoping to god that I had stepped in a puddle. Shifting gears was a nightmare since the bike landed on my left leg. I knew something was not right. I couldn’t wait to get home.

I finally got home and began checking myself. My head and upper body was fine, except for a scratch on my elbow. My knee was scratched up pretty bad, and my foot was soaked with blood. I removed my shoe and cut my sock off. My foot had skin missing, and I could see the meaty part. I couldn’t walk on it but I figured I could try to sleep it off. I was sleepy and extremely cold. Walking around was exhausting me, and I almost passed out from standing. I finally decided to call the paramedics.

I hesitated to seek medical aid because I didn’t have health insurance. That was a stupid mistake. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I hadn’t gone to the hospital. I get to the hospital and they begin to check my vitals and all that jazz until I finally get attached to an IV. I was given morphine to help with the pain, which was like a godsend to me at the time. I was dealing with this unbearable pain for a few hours now, which is easily the worst pain I have ever dealt with. I had some x-rays done and was later told that I had a broken foot and a fractured knee. I spent the next couple of days sleeping and trying to figure out how the next few months were gonna play out. I would have to adjust my school schedule, work schedule and everything else to recover from this. I was not looking forward to these changes.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the accident and things are going by okay. I’m not back at work yet, but I’m looking for remote jobs that I could do until then. I started online school since I had to drop my in-class courses. My ex seems to be more understanding of my situation and has helped me by bringing my daughter to my house so I don’t have to drive. My jobs will still be there when I’m recovered, so that’s good. I could have a lot of regret in my mind but that wouldn’t do me any good. There’s no point in saying things like “I should’ve had health insurance” or “I shouldn’t have ridden my motorcycle that night.” It doesn’t change my past or my present. What I can do instead is adapt to the change and keep going. I’m not religious or superstitious. I don’t believe that everything has to happen for a reason, but since it already happened, I should at least make something out of it.

No regrets.


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