Getting My Daughter Back

Getting My Daughter Back

I had a meeting with my attorney and my ex regarding our custody case. I’ve been trying to get more time with my daughter for the past 2 years, and it’s finally about to happen. As we discussed the terms of our parenting time, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her head.

The last we met face to face was in front of a judge. I was granted an additional day with my daughter and my ex was ordered to release information about my daughter’s school, babysitters, etc. The tension in that room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I walked out of there knowing that it could be a tough road ahead, but I never expected it in literal terms.

I got into an accident a couple of weeks after the hearing. I called my ex and told her I couldn’t pick up my daughter that week because of my injury. She seemed genuinely concerned, but she’s pulled that shit on me numerous times before. I figured she’s playing nice to get me to lighten up on the custody case. Either way, she’s texted me every day since the accident to ask about my condition.

We drafted a plan for 50/50 parenting time with my daughter and she signed it. That seemed way too easy, especially given the tireless resistance she’s displayed until now. I walked out in my crutches and she still followed me with that “nice” behavior. She said she came to a realization about blah blah blah… I wasn’t really listening. I don’t trust her, to be honest. Why the hell would I? She’s kept me from my daughter on purpose when she didn’t get her way. Seriously, who the hell uses their children as leverage? Am I supposed to trust someone like that just because she smiled at me? There’s nothing she can do about the case, but I still feel like she’s trying to manipulate me. I need to stop focusing on her and focus on my daughter. I have broken away from the “weekend dad” stigma and into the single father category.

Maybe I’m overthinking it, or maybe I care too much to let myself fail, but I feel like I need to read every parenting book there is and take classes on child development. She’s important to me and I want her to succeed, but it’ll take more than sheer desire to make it happen. I need to be prepared to develop this child so she can overcome that obstacles that precede her through no fault of her own. My daughter will be a success, not another statistic.


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