“This will only hurt for a second”

“This will only hurt for a second”

I’ve been going to a wound care facility for my foot every other week so they can perform a debridement on my wound. A debridement is where they remove dead tissue from the wound to improve the healing process. “It shouldn’t hurt since it’s only dead tissue,” the doctor says. “Yeah? Well, you said that last time and to my surprise, it fucking hurt,” I replied. “Ugh, let’s just get it over with please.” I laid back in the chair, put my arm over my eyes and extended my foot out to the doctor. My hands were sweating. My feet were sweating. Hell, even my eyelids were sweating. I knew he was gonna try to distract me.

“So, the last time you were here, you were telling me ab- “


I peak out from under my arm to see him laughing at me, hands completely empty. “I haven’t even started yet,” he says. I look away, utterly embarrassed. “Well, let me know when you start please,” I said softly. I’m such an idiot. I felt the pressure from the scalpel as he quickly scraped off any tissue from my wound. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad this time around, but it did linger on for a bit. He finished up moments before the hot nurse walks in. “Hey! You lived!” she says. “Barely,” I replied. I wonder if she heard me yelling from the hallway. “I heard you yelling from the hallway,” She said. Dammit.

“Okay. Well, this was fun, guys. I had a blast. I’ll see you in two weeks.” I limped out and got in my car, sinking into the driver’s seat before driving away. I’m beginning to think that perhaps that motorcycle was a bad idea.


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