Why did she cancel on me?

Why did she cancel on me?

I’m finally ready to go back to work. It’s been about 3 months since the accident and no, I haven’t been cleared by the doctor, but I can’t wait any longer. I went on Facebook and told some co-workers that I’d be returning soon and was excited when one particular girl expressed joy in my return. I thought I’d start texting her and eventually asked her out. “Sure” she replied. I was so excited. I hadn’t gone out in a while and I really like this girl.

We were supposed to hang out on Thursday but when the day came, she said she had to work. I responded with “No big deal. Maybe next time.” It obviously bothered me that she canceled but I didn’t want her to know that. My question is: Why did she cancel on me?

Schedules are posted in advance, so she knows whether or not she worked on Thursday. Even if she was asked to come in, she could’ve said no. She didn’t even apologize for canceling on me, but perhaps it wasn’t as big of a deal for her.
I figured this is just another stupid game women like to play. Either way, it still pisses me off. Maybe she’s still stuck on her ex, or maybe she’s just not into me. Maybe I’m overthinking all of this?

I don’t know whether to ask her out again or to just let it go and move on to someone else. Too many fish out there to cast a line just once.


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